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13 Needs in our transformation plan

Updated: May 27, 2023

"The first and greatest victory is Conquer yourself" by conquering yourself - Platon

Below, I present thirteen areas of transformation that we will need to deepen to understand how they affect our professional performance and interfere with our personal well-being.

1) Health and physical condition WHO reports that more than a quarter of the world's adult population (more than 1.4 billion adults) do not reach a sufficient level of physical activity; to combat this, a global plan of action for physical activity has been developed to promote and encourage actions among governments and individuals to generate active populations.

We know that the sedentary lifestyle that many of us lead can potentially contribute to poor health and many preventable causes of death. However, our routine involves little or no physical activity, where we are often sitting while doing many of the daily activities such as socializing, watching TV, playing video games, reading or using a mobile phone/computer for much of the day, and we do not want to change it.

2) Intellectual Life Raising your level of consciousness, identifying the obstacles you are self-imposed on, identifying your fears, and learning how to handle them; are just some of the factors that you can promote from an intellectual point of view.

Breaking our limiting thoughts, enhancing our growth strategies, and developing our intellectual capacity are some factors that we will analyze in this dimension and that is an integral part of transformational development.

3) Emotional Life Our emotional life must give us the ability to face the challenges we face in our daily lives; not only do we limit ourselves to the mood, but not to emotional intelligence that we will fully develop. Emotional intelligence is made up of two things: emotional perception + emotional control. Emotional perception refers to becoming aware, accepting, and learning from emotions. Emotional control refers to the ability to create the emotions we want in our lives.

4) Character Character is a reflection of the soul, the essence that defines and distinguishes us from others; the way in which we want to develop our work and personal life is marked by those personality traits that make us authentic.

Developing an inexhaustible determination, and being assertive in what is thought and expressed are just some of the necessary factors to transform our lives. The connection between heart and thought can help you be empathetic with others and keep you focused on your development without going over other people. "You will achieve immense power if, in your inner reflections, you reach the conviction that you were born to control your own destiny" - Andrew Carnegie

5) Spiritual Life Spirituality is the guide for your thoughts and actions, it is what allows you to connect with the universe and obtain the impulse for deep inner knowledge.

The spiritual path is the search for self-realization in all dimensions of our lives. Developing a vision of our spirituality and contributing to improving the quality of life of all around us is our main mission.

6) Love Life Love conquers everything. Without love, an extraordinary life is impossible. Whether you have a living partner or decide to face the world alone, self-esteem, shared or selflessly connects you intimately, and makes you vulnerable and authentic, key factors of transformation.

7) Family Life Sharing your life with someone, and deciding to have children or not to have them will change the course of your life profoundly. If you have the possibility to share the values and tools that you have learned with those people close to you, you can offer them a successful life experience through the decisions and actions they develop in their interactions.

8) Social Life It is said that friends are the family you choose. Creating deep connections, offering and obtaining unconditional support and mute growth are elements that are part of our social development. Being surrounded by successful people, and sharing experiences and opinions with true friends support our growth and nourish our soul.

9) Financial Life If we consider money as the "effect" of the things I invest in such as 1) your development, 2) improving the quality of life of your family, 3) the projects that allow me to have independence; 4) the contributions you make to improve the environment; 4) the generosity and gratitude of sharing what you have with others; you will realize that you are a person who has a great abundance.

Let's focus financial abundance on the quality of life we want to have and share with people close to you, we will create through transformation the extraordinary life you have dreamed of having.

10) Professional Career

A successful and rewarding professional career can be obtained through 1. Choosing a job that I love and am passionate about; 2. Strive continually and be the best in the things I do and in what I know; 3. Contribute to the development of others in a meaningful way; 4. Achieve a financial plan that benefits me according to the financial needs I raise.

Incorporate creativity as an integral part of your development, and become an agent of change, innovation, and value creation; like pillars of professional training, not only in the business environment but from the broad perspective of entrepreneurship will achieve a successful professional career.

11) Lifestyle An extraordinary lifestyle is one where we will be in harmony with our health, we allocate quality time with those with whom we share our life, the goods we own are aligned with the financial life we have developed, we have the ability to travel, have the material goods you have dreamed of or simply enjoy those pleasures that are relevant to you.

12) Vision of Life I propose you create a vision of life from a practical and focused point of view by planning "backward" from the point of view of the "final result". Let's imagine that ideal world in each of these perspectives and visualize the point we want to get there. This way it will be easier to focus your development to achieve these results.

Do not expect a clear and well-defined vision overnight: visualizing your life and determining the direction you will follow requires time and reflection.

13) Contribution If we define the purpose of life as the contribution we make to the world, where our being fully develops, where we permeate our passion, satisfaction, and meaning through dedication to something greater than ourselves.

At MOMENTUM COACHES we believe that all people have a purpose in life, through our actions, we want to generate a positive influence on family, friends, and the people with whom we live; in this way, we will contribute to the development of a better world.


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