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Change of Habits, the 3 R's

Updated: May 27, 2023

"When we are not able to change a situation, we We face the challenge of changing ourselves.". - Viktor Frankl

Incorporating a habit, eliminating it, or adapting it for our purpose, begins by understanding what the 3Rs are for effective change. 1. The reminder: Our habits usually have a trigger that motivates our behavior. 2. The routine: this is the habit, the action, or the real routine. 3. The reward: it is the benefit obtained from real behavior. We have to take into account that even the negative consequences provide some benefit and serve as a reward. Taking into account the above, our recommendation for the effective change of habits is built through the following steps: Step 1: Set a reminder for your new habit Will you set a reminder through an alarm or notification? If not, what are some of the simple healthy daily habits that you already have and that you do every day? How could you integrate your new habit into one of them? Step 2: Turn it into a routine If your new habit is something you need to program, where and how are you going to set aside time for it? What do you need to prepare in advance to have everything you need at the scheduled time to get up and leave? How can you protect this new routine? Step 3: Create a reward Does your habit have a built-in reward? What kind of boost would be stimulating for you when you reach certain milestones? For example, every time you spend a week doing this new habit, you give yourself something special, whether it's something you do that you enjoy or a small gift for yourself. It takes time and work to change your behaviors, but it is certainly doable. You may create long-lasting improvements in your life by following the 3Rs.

Here are some more suggestions for modifying your habits:

  • Begin small. Try not to make too many changes at once. Begin with one behavior and concentrate on it until it becomes habitual.

  • Please be patient. Changing a habit takes time. Don't be disheartened if you make a mistake. Just get back up and keep going.

  • Find a network of support. Having people on your side may make a significant impact. Find a buddy, family member, or therapist to assist you in remaining motivated.

Changing your behaviors is difficult, but it is doable. You may create long-lasting improvements in your life by following the 3Rs and implementing the advice above.


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