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Creating Experiences

Updated: May 27, 2023

What is a life experience? Are they limited to those that one longs for or are they as diverse as any moment of your day-to-day?

You may think that it is impossible for any time of the day to be transformed into a life experience. But in reality, those little moments of our day are what define us as people, reflect our values and shape our character.

Unfortunately, people are more interested in what happens to others than in what they experience themselves. You are someone special and you must follow your own path and achieve your own dreams. Don't let others dictate the way you live your life.

Many of the lessons we learn from our life experiences help us to mold ourselves and become better people and, if we are not aware of them, sometimes a worse person. We do not always realize that we are being taught a lesson, it enters our minds, is stored, and perhaps can be used later.

As we age, we tend to establish our paths, but for me, I am now more open to new ideas, to risk more, exploring new paths, and leaving ties that have marked me during my life. The more life experiences we experience, the broader and clearer the image of the impact we want to leave on the world to see. We will begin to see things differently, with greater maturity and a desire to continue expanding them.

What you think will shape your reality, is how the Law of Attraction works. You can't (and shouldn't try) to change others, if you want a change in your world, change yourself. A learning mindset is a fundamental feature to take the best of life experiences, I propose you evaluate the following:

Focus on learning: Some feel comfortable with formal learning in a mentor / teacher-student process. Others prefer real learning through experience or perhaps they like to share to reinforce what they have learned.

Learning response: Different people face different challenges while learning; perhaps you are one of those who require repeatedly experiencing an experience to generate the lesson learned or perhaps you are one of those who learn quickly and do not require additional support.

"What you take": The first objective of any learning program is the "knowledge" that students will get from it. Whether it's something that boosts your interpersonal skills or the acquisition of professional skills. After a life experience, what are you staying with?

Seek to extract the essence of each moment, it is possible, try these simple steps:

Present. Have you ever moved from one place to another without realizing the places you are going through, without being really present on the journey, as if you were doing the trip "automatic". How many moments, situations, and landscapes have you asked for not being present?

Conscious. Being present is only the first step, generating awareness of what is happening around us, living in the moment, and recognizing what happens and how our body perceives each situation, are crucial to capturing the essence of it.

Reflective: Do not miss your life experiences, without thinking about what you took from them, what you learned, and what you will be able to apply tomorrow. The time in which we live on this earth is so ephemeral that it is better to take the best that it offers us. And are you so absorbed in your cell phone that you don't give yourself the privilege of generating life experiences that will fill you more? Let MOMENTUM COACHES help you in your transformational development.


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