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Expect your intuition to guide you

Updated: May 27, 2023

Roy T. Bennett

Lots of people are wondering how you connect better to your intuition, as the saying said “If you doubt what to do, then you already know what to do”.

Your intuition isn’t playing any games, and if there is any confusion in your life or you doubt what to do, you already know the answer. If you’re confused, then you’re not tuning into your intuition.

Reflecting on your intuition is to ask yourself if you’re following the noise in your head or if you’re following the feeling that it is just the right thing to do. You don’t need to connect deeper to anything. Your intuition is there whether you realize it or not, and it is always trying to guide you.

If you are not connected with your intuition now, these are four decisions you take to activate it:

  • Be open to intuitive guidance

Most of the time, when we intuitively know something, we don’t understand how or why we know it? But it’s trust that’s key in those situations. The first decision you must make is, “I am open to my intuition” This sets up your frame of mind to be receptive. No matter what guidance you receive, whether it’s something you want to hear or something that you don’t want to hear, be ready to be open. Being open to your intuitive guidance is the beginning of what will make your experience different from that of the close-minded person. Do not expect to have a direct answer when you ask your intuition, sometimes, information comes in a dream, a whisper, ideas dropping from nowhere, or finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.

Tony Robbins

  • Expect your intuition to guide you

The second step is even bolder than the first. Once you are open to your intuition, you must move on to expect it. There is no special ability you need to develop, intuition makes you feel like you have a sixth sense like you know something without having to think about it. Expecting intuitive guidance is direct communication with your higher self.

When your intuition tells you to take certain actions or avoid certain things, learn to listen!

  • Trust what you intuitively feel and sense

Trust what your Higher Self conveys to you. You may struggle with your intuitive feelings because sometimes the information that you receive is contrary to what your rational brain it's telling you to do.

Learning to have close communication with your "Higher Self" may take time; it requires defining what means to you, either your guides, your teachers, your angels, or any divine entity that you believe in. You might name it, as Sonia Choquette suggests, it might help you to ground the communication and allows you to create an intimate dialog to receive the value that will help you not by rational thinking but as a feeling that is the right path or decision.

  • Act on your intuition

We all have the ability to use our gut instincts in a good way, but sometimes we don’t trust ourselves enough, or we are too afraid of what might happen if things don’t work out. Be aware that life has consequences either way so we might as well go with what feels right for you!

Don’t feel like you need to be living in excellence in your entire life before you can be clear enough to hear your intuitive guidance because I can tell you right now that you don’t need to. Do little bits at a time, but commit to it and make it part of your personal and spiritual growth.

The challenge is, are you going, to be honest, enough with yourself to listen? don't betray yourself. In Momentum Coaches are here to help you with this transformation.


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