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Full Consciousness

Updated: May 27, 2023

"I am more aware of what I am missing, what do I have?".

Sometimes we live thinking about how much we need to grow or possess to achieve the next goal, however, it is very likely that you already have that, you just haven't discovered it.

Being conscious does not make me capable, it simply allows me to be in communion with my inner self, discover those abilities and recognize them. The mindfulness exercise takes place through these five steps, where you must allow yourself to pause and give yourself the opportunity to be in the present.


Find a space where you can be comfortable without interruption for at least the next fifteen minutes; consider not lying down so that you do not fall asleep if you enter a state of relaxation. Take a posture that allows you to withstand the sword and rest your arms. Start with an exercise of counting four in your mind while inhaling, hold your breath for four, exhale count for four seconds, and start the process again.

Your body will get used to this form of breathing and the point where you do not need to count from the beginning while doing this exercise will arrive; focus on the flow of air, the way it enters through the nose and flows into your lungs recognizes how the rib cage expands as well as your stomach. Do this form of breathing for the first five minutes and then stop counting and have your breathing rate guide you for another five minutes.


Any amount of thoughts will come to our mind while we perform this exercise; we cannot prevent them from coming, what we can do is recognize them, return our concentration to our breathing, and release this thought. Releasing those thoughts is the complicated part, normally our mind brings memories, situations, or slopes that must be attended to and it is natural for your mind to betray you and look for solutions or answers to these issues that arise I am not saying that they should not be attended to, you simply have to postpone until you finish your exercise of concentration and breathing.


It is important to note that the importance of being aware of what is going on in your mind is the ability to recognize that thought and identify what emotion causes you. Sometimes, those things that go through our minds represent a negative, depressive, or limiting emotion. How do you think our body reacts to this type of limiting emotions? It is usually something that paralyzes us, generates uncertainty, and fear, and ultimately translates into inaction. Identifying

what kind of emotion your thoughts cause you is important to clearly establish the strategy to deal with them.


Once you reach a state of relaxation, where you are focused on your breathing and when your thoughts reach your mind you recognize them, identify the emotion they provoke and let them go; the following project yourself and visualize yourself.

Since you can see yourself, it is important that you identify those characteristics that distinguish you from other people; look healthy, empowered, and with the necessary tools to get ahead and do what you are destined to do.

Do not seek to be in a hypothetical scenario, be as authentic as you can and identify yourself with that ability you have, whether it is to connect with other people, undertake, work hard, learn quickly, or any capacity that distinguishes you from others.


Becoming aware, as I had commented, does not enable my abilities; what does help me is to recognize them, be aware of my potential, and be present. Staying calm in stressful situations, listening better to others, or being less distracted, are some of the applications of being in full consciousness.

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Beautiful presence practice. Your words are eloquent and true. Presence of mind and conscious awareness are the key to growth and awareness thanks for sharing

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