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Learn how to unlearn

Updated: May 27, 2023

In martial arts, you have to master the skills in each level before you can move on to the next. Are we aware of our level of personal progression? How do we know if we should slow down and take the time to master the stage we are in? Are you one of the people who know what game you are playing, and allow yourself to play to the maximum, at the level you are at? We all know people in our environment who tend to settle for what they already know, thus creating a safe and comfortable environment for themselves. Nowadays, unlearning what you know or do today is as important as learning new things. Think about it: technological progress, global needs, the supply of university specialties, and the most demanded jobs of today did not even exist 10 years ago, and the pace of change is only accelerating. The useful life of what we learn is shortened day by day. The future belongs to those who dominate a constant state of adaptation, continually unlearning old rules and adopting new ones.

If there is something that we are not taught at school, it is how to get rid of what we have learned so far. Now, it is necessary to have the discipline to question our assumptions and paradigms about how things work, creating the necessary conditions for a deeper and better understanding.

Let your mind unlearn and follow these four ideas (taken from the book "Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life" from Sir Ken Robinson):

1. If you are not prepared to make a mistake, you will never come up with anything original.

2. To consolidate your purpose, it is essential to connect with other people who share your same passion.

3. What determines our lives is not what happens to us but what we do with what happens.

4. The extraordinary happens when we get out of our routine, reconsider our trajectory and recover our passions.

At Momentum Coaches, we want to help you unlearn everything that limits you and learn how to find your purpose and follow it with passion. Book now


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