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Life principles

Updated: May 27, 2023



In general, self-love is understood as the result of various processes of introspection and acceptance at deep levels, that is, as the result of knowing and loving oneself, without the need to change one's own nature to satisfy others; something that, on the other hand, cannot really be done either.


Personal development is also part of an introspection process in which we try to discover our own identity to explore our talents, improve our health, make changes in our lifestyle, and everything that is necessary to be in harmony with our mind and body.

Challenging, teaching, and taking care of yourself are key steps for effective personal development. Take the time to take a conscience exam and determine what you need to improve to achieve your goals.

3. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS Be aware of your thoughts, your mind is the most powerful tool to give you well-being and live a good life. It is essential that you learn to be in control of your thoughts and use them to generate a positive influence on yourself. Are your thoughts full of optimism and positivity or doubts and sadness? Are your thoughts so scattered that they limit you and don't allow you to move forward?


Gratitude has to do with focusing on what you have in your life instead of what you don't have. It's about being grateful for the little things and those around you and realizing what is important.

Gratitude is to say thank you for everything that is important to you and the good things in your life. You are grateful for a gift, but you are also grateful for watching a sunset, for succeeding in a sport, or for being alive. You see your life and your experiences as a gift and to thank you is to feel fulfilled.


Have you ever noticed that your biggest fears rarely come true? We are excellent at thinking too much about situations that can happen and preparing for the worst in most situations. However, if we continue to think this way, we will attract these fears because of the energy we devote to it. Replace negativity with dignified thoughts that bring you closer to the life you want to live.

Fear accompanies us from the moment we are born, and thanks to it we learn many valuable lessons in life, unfortunately, it is also responsible for the fact that there are situations that we fear without there being a logical answer to them, and that causes there to be people who are so afraid of failure that they simply decide not to do anything.

6. FORGIVE YOURSELF AND OTHERS Learn to forgive and let your past heal. Many people find it easy to forgive others, but they are not able to forgive themselves. I invite you to start with yourself first. Forgive yourself completely and open the window so that love heals. Remember, forgiving does not mean forgetting; it means seeing the past in a new light.

What principles do you follow to live better?

At Momentum Coaches we can help you transform yourself, clearly defining your principles and developing a life plan that will allow you to achieve what you have always dreamed of.


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