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Manifests abundance

Updated: May 27, 2023

In abundance, we do not refer exclusively to money, but to your health, happiness, inner peace, relationships, and everything with which you are connected. The path to abundance begins with the desire to manifest what you want; in the place where you are, reflect on what you have and want, and do not stop until you manage to demonstrate that you already have everything. When you reflect on something you want, it is natural to list the things you must do to achieve it, however many of us get lost in the details before visualizing and internalizing the feeling of having it; that is, there are times when you want to have something, for example, "money", but if you already had it, what would you do with it? And maybe your answer is: eliminate your debts, buy a house for your family, give food, dress and guarantee a livelihood for your family; so is money your motivator? Or is the feeling of satisfying your family's needs what moves you the most? When you are able to internalize that feeling, you will find the real engine that will drive you to achieve what you want and generate the necessary abundance. Where to start? By thanking for what you already have and thanking for what is to come, what is not yet happening but you trust that that superior being in whom you believe will help you walk the path of gratitude and abundance. Many of us limit ourselves to acting because we think that achieving what we want is very complicated, it is only for people with "lucky" or for those who from your perspective has favored them; however, many times what you want to manifest is within your reach and it is a matter of developing some skill, taking a course or decide to take the next step to make what you want Do you want to publish a book? Getting a job? Do you have a trip? Finding love? Have financial abundance? Strengthen self-confidence, light that inner fire, and perform the necessary actions. Abundance (in your own terms) will begin to manifest when you walk the paths of the opportunities that are presented to you and align with your objectives. If you feel the need to do something, do not hesitate, just do it, don't ask too much, the call of intuition can take you down paths that you may not have traveled before. Record your progress, describe all the sensations you perceive in your day-to-day, any message that would have been sent to you in your dreams or in the communication you have with that superior being; do exercises to project your desires and imagine what your life would be like if the abundance you are looking for has already reached you, describe how things would happen, how your environment, your relationships, your thoughts I understand that it is difficult to imagine abundance when you lack health, employment, money or love, but I am sure that in your life, there is something that if it is abundant today, hold on to that because if you realize it, due to the fact of being alive you already have abundance in your life.

Now I present five steps to manifest the abundance you need:

1) Value the abundance you possess: if you appreciate what you already have, you will realize that you have abundance in many ways, you do not need to prove to others that you have it, just realize all the things and people around you. 2) Look for the opportunity and choose yourself first: if you want something, make a conscious decision about doing it or having it. There will be mental barriers that will limit you to what you can have, the places you can visit, and the things to eat, however, choosing to have it will open the way, and the manifestation of what you want begins with you. 3) Doing is always better than thinking about doing: Take the first step of the inspired action. Even if you are not sure all the way, take the first step, maybe the result is not what you expect but there is only one way to know. 4) Do not limit yourself to the known: allow yourself alternative paths to your goal, and open yourself to the possibility of knowing, learning, feeling, failing, or learning. It is you who sets the limits to what you can do, and it is you who can remove those same limits by giving you the opportunity. 5) Practice, record, and share what you have learned. Share what you learn along the way, record in your diary your journey along the path of the demonstration, and teach those who are with you that a great dream begins with desire and materializes in walking.


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