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Preceding the Future? If you wish, it is possible too.

Updated: May 27, 2023

Abraham Lincoln

Follow your instinct!. If you are passionate about something, then it's not working!

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it," is a phrase attributed to the American computer scientist Alan Kay. How do you imagine spending the rest of your life? What change of address do you want for your business? Or from the transformational point of view, what next level do you imagine reaching?

By "predicting the future" we mean that four important elements must be combined:

1) Imagine it: develop that creative capacity to imagine that future you want to access, that change you need to make, or that competence or skill that you need to develop. Imagine yourself without barriers, fully developing your potential and executing the objectives set without barriers.

2) Declare it: it is of vital importance to internalize what you want to do; to generate that conviction that the things you imagine can make them come true. Being convinced that "it is possible" is the beginning of the realization. Declaring that, as you have imagined, this will happen, generating these statements periodically will allow you to generate that internal motivation that will take you to action.

3) Divide: sometimes the goals we set for ourselves turn out to be so large or ambitious that they are difficult for us to meet or we think that we have not made progress in achieving them. It is necessary to divide our great aspirations into small projects, activities, or steps that will be necessary to reach that goal. That way it is easier to meet them and move forward progressively until that great goal is achieved. In this way, you will keep motivating yourself by achieving goals and you will have this feeling of having advanced.

4) Execute it: "Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately turn into hard work" (Peter Drucker). Imagine and be convinced that you can reach a goal, it is not enough, walking the tortuous path of the execution of tasks is what will allow you to develop, and you will discover how you can provoke things to happen yourself, to create your own future.

The common denominator that makes a difference for those who constantly get what they want is that they act quickly; on the basis that what they do is aligned with their plan and will bring them closer to their life goal. The key is "do", while "planning" becomes only the support that gives certainty to "do".

The definition of achievable goals and their constant execution will generate "momentum"; it will put you in a state that high-performance athletes know as "flow", a state where achieving what you want becomes a constant and where your life is transformed into the "doing".

Imagine your future and build it progressively by fulfilling each goal, come closer to us. We can help you build that future that you long for.


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