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Your life is not about you!

Updated: May 27, 2023

Neale Donald Walsch.

How many times have they thought about their role in this world, how many times have they heard their parents or guardians say that they are here to be happy, to develop, and transcend? However, no one tells you what path you must follow to achieve it.

Perhaps some of us go through that long traveled path of growing up, studying, finding love, working, having children, retiring, and then dying. Is this your current path? Do you feel that something is needed in your life? Don't you feel full despite having everything they told us should be done? The path to life transformation begins with stopping and reflecting on the impact you have on the people around you; do the people with whom you share your life (children, wife, friends, acquaintances, family, etc.) see in you an example to follow? Do you contribute to the better development of your community or your family?

Let's face the challenge of balancing our lives and transcending; let's leave an impact on the people around us; let's change our lives and inspire others to enhance their talents and contribute to a better world.

I propose the following six (6) steps to achieve this transformation:

Take control of your life. Many times we expect someone to guide us in our journey through life, other times, we follow the path that someone marked us or simply let ourselves be carried away by the current without establishing a course and when we realize it, we end up living in places that we do not like, surrounded by people with whom we do not share anything, with professions that we are not passionate about, in jobs that absorb us or in toxic relationships.

Taking control of your life means it is you who builds your own future, reflects on the alternatives presented to you, and makes a decision.

Don't let your fears control you. The fear that a personal experience is sometimes a barrier that is built in the mind and limits the goals he can achieve. Experiencing fear is part of our nature, taking action is a conscious decision that we are obliged to make if we want to get ahead.

People tend to maintain their status quo out of fear; if you want to transform your life, remove those barriers that limit you from acting. Take control of your decisions and take the next step.

Make difficult decisions on time.

How many times do we postpone our actions to find a better time? Just to realize, sometime later, that we should have taken that risk at that time. If you wait to have your studies finished, a family, a professional career, and economic abundance to start doing the things you are passionate about, you will surely have lost half of your life.

The best time is now, there will be no other moment like this; take a risk! And take advantage of this moment you are going through, your actions will guide the way to find what you are looking for, that goal you want to achieve, or that action that will allow you to transform your life and those around you.

May your inner peace guide you. Whether you believe in God, Buddha, a Higher Self, or simply an atheist; what drives you to get ahead and gives you inner peace, use it to generate the confidence you need to transform your life.

There is not a single path to realization, not a single route to raise your consciousness. What does exist is what connects your heart, your mind, and your body. Use it to act, to influence the people you touch, to give encouragement to those who need it, to inspire and act.

Allow yourself the pleasure of growing your inner peace through gratitude, practice forgiveness towards yourself and those who hurt you, learn from life experiences, and forget about resentments.

Take control of your time. There is nothing more valuable than your time, it is finite, since we are born the time we have left of life in this world begins to decrease. Don't waste it. Become efficient in managing it, organize your day, your week, the month, and the years to come; get obsessed with getting the most out of the 24 hours you have in the day. Realize that of the time we will live in this world, a third of it will be spent asleep, so we only have two-thirds of our time left to get the most out of it.

Get rid of all those "vampires" that consume your time, such as television, social networks, or video games just to mention a few; take advantage of every moment to incorporate life tools, those that will allow you to face the challenges that will be presented to you.

You are able to do more than you think. Channel your energy to transform the world, become an extraordinary person who knows how to channel his energy. Don't limit yourself to stereotypes, and labels that someone else would have imposed on you, put aside your fears and let your heart shine. Listen to the call to transcend, start a path of gratitude and become a pole of transformation for everything around you. This is not about you, it's all those lives that you will change.

Help us to create a better future, transform the world and influence those who have not yet found their way.

To summarize, life transformation is a path that demands you to take charge of your life, face your fears, make difficult decisions, and pursue your inner peace. It is critical to remember that you are more competent than you believe and that you have the potential to change your life and the lives of people around you. So don't put it off any longer; begin your trip today!

Here are some other life-changing suggestions:

  • Set objectives. What do you hope to accomplish in your life? Once you've determined what you want, you may devise a strategy to accomplish it.

  • Take some action. Don't just daydream about your objectives; take action and begin working for them immediately.

  • Please be patient. Change takes time, so don't be disheartened if you don't see results right away. Just keep working hard and you will ultimately achieve your goals.

  • Never give up. You will have moments when you want to give up, but you will not.

Remember why you started your adventure in the first place, and keep going.

It is not simple to change your life, but it is doable. You can do everything you set your mind to if you are ready to put in the effort. So, what are you holding out for? Begin your trip right now!


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