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Your thoughts, your enemy

Updated: May 27, 2023

There is no greater detractor than your thoughts, have you ever perceived how your thoughts hinder you from performing a task? Or are you getting sick just thinking about the risks or challenges you have to face?

Most of us have gone through some difficult times, which made us generate some negative feelings and we regularly associate it with a limiting belief. Limiting beliefs are those thoughts built through experience, which makes you interpret reality in a way that limits your potential development, and prevents you from achieving what you want. It is imperative not to limit our actions to those thoughts, it is important to address them and learn techniques that help us generate positive partnerships to move forward.

Remember that beliefs do not necessarily respond to truths or facts, but are thoughts associated with feelings that you take as true. So we need to take control of our thoughts and emotions, for this, I propose these three simple steps:

Step 1: Identity what we think

Being aware of our thoughts and the impact they have on our actions is the first step in changing the way we face the world. Usually the way you "build" an idea gives us a clue about the type of limiting thinking, for example, phrases such as: "I believe", "I have faith", and "God willing" is associated with limiting factors of TRUST; "I'm afraid", "I'm afraid", "I'm afraid" with limiting factors of FEAR; "Always", "Never", "Everything", "Nothing". with limiting factors of TEMPORALITY or GENERALITY

Step 2: Consciously change

Once we have identified the limiting factor, we must force ourselves to change the "words" with which we express ourselves about that situation for ones that provide a positive sense, it is also important to ask ourselves "what led us to weigh that way" in order to identify if those thoughts have been dragged from any situation of trauma or stress.

Step 3: Subconscious, conscious.

We will succeed in this task when we are able to return control of our thoughts to the subconscious; we need to ensure that our level of thought is completely installed in our brain, by reprogramming what the feelings represent for us and the way in which we express them about the actions we must perform.

At MOMENTUM COACHES, we can help you identify those limiting thoughts and formulate with you the necessary steps for a life of personal transformation.


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