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About us

At Momentum Coachies we bring people closer to the best version of themselves; we adapt the life transformation methodologies and professional achievement to the needs of each person. 


We inspire to motivate and generate momentum towards personal fulfillment. 

Coach Neto Alvarez

Life coach and founder of  MOMENTUM COACHES.


I help people transform their lives by finding their purpose and defining a path of personal growth through a coaching methodology in private or group sessions.

II worked for more than 25 years in the corporate world, and I managed to climb to the highest levels in the organization; I sought to elevate the people who worked with me so that they could achieve their goals; however, this was not enough, I was not really managing to impact my environment, I could not help more people and I did not feel full.

Throughout my professional life, I experienced situations of anxiety, insomnia, and depression that affected my family and my health. I know what it is to feel trapped by the "false security" of a salary. 

Let me get to know you, my experience and continuous training help me identify the limiting conditions that prevent you from growing, I am sure that together we will find a way for you to achieve your potential and reach the goals you dream of today. 

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