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Nobody cares! Work harder!

Updated: May 27, 2023

The book "Endure: How to Work Hard, Outlast, and Keep Hammering" by Cameron Hanes will definitely be in my collection of favorite books, it is the simplicity of his reflection that makes it so deep, with a very well-defined life purpose, with clarity of ideas and with the tenacity to execute what is necessary, Cameron Hanes definitely captured my attention and invited me Nobody cares, he works harder" the reality about the limiting thoughts that many of us have. Quoting Cameron Hanes: "No one cares about your goals, no one cares about your excuses for not achieving what you said you would do or what you thought you deserved. Do you want people to care? Then do something special. Do something that people cannot easily ignore or discard," is it that our limiting thoughts cause the paralysis that many of us suffer for not achieving what we set out to do?

I extracted these three ideas about the book, which I want to share with you now:

1. Obsessed or being mediocre

Extraordinary people are aware of where they are, recognize their limitations, and do what is necessary to improve and exceed their goals; they understand that they have to invest in their development to get ahead, recognize the need for continuous improvement and manage to focus on avoiding distractions.

In this sense, they become obsessed with their own personal transformation and identify it as a vehicle to become a better version of themselves, they understand that staying where they are will keep them mediocre and will not allow them to transcend.

There is no time to worry about the negative things that other people think or say about you; if what you do inspires others and/or shares things with you to grow together or motivate others to transform, then it is worth listening to them.

2. What Are You Sacrificing?

The only way to make dreams a reality is through sacrifice; in the broadest sense we can imagine, sacrificing time you spend with the people who are close to you, investing in your development, managing your emotions, evaluating your relationships of trust, questioning your beliefs, everything you need to look for that dream, there is nothing that is exempt from that self-assessment that we must do.

Sometimes, we limit ourselves by not affecting third parties, by not challenging the status quo, by not recognizing our own limiting thoughts, or by not facing the fear that prevents us from acting.

What should we sacrifice to get what we are looking for? ... whatever is necessary.

3. Hit The Stone

Cameron Hanes, in his book, explains how the phrase "Keep Hammering" became his inspiration so as not to decay in the effort to get what you want, such as the stone cutter, it is not a single blow that breaks the stone, but the constancy that manages to overcome it.

"Work harder", not to please the desires of someone else or because you think you should demonstrate something, "Work harder" for your own satisfaction and to achieve what you want, do not waste time thinking about whether someone cares or worries about the things that can talk about you, be aware that you will be traveling a path that most do not dare to follow, a path to personal transformation and realization.


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