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Your desires become a reality, in five steps

Updated: May 27, 2023

On the way to your personal transformation, you may have doubts about your progress, or your ability to achieve them, or you may not be clear about the steps you must take to achieve those goals you have set for yourself. This time I want to propose a five-step formula that I learned from Mahatria Ra:

  1. CONSISTENCY: You may think that you have everything that is needed to complete a task, you may have the necessary knowledge, the right tools, and even the motivation to start a task; however, if you are not consistent in executing a plan that allows you to achieve your goal, you will hardly achieve it. "It's not about executing BIG tasks once, it's about executing SMALL tasks consistently"; develop a plan with short, specific, measurable, and achievable tasks that take you to a larger goal.

  2. ADDRESS: Do the small tasks you perform bring you closer to your goal? Or are they taking you away from him? The plan you have developed may not be the most efficient and even if you manage to complete your goals, the time it will take you to achieve them is probably very long and discourages you to undertake other tasks using this method. Make sure that the plan you develop is not just something that you downloaded from the internet or that some public figure promotes as a magic formula; depending on your goal, you will probably need to document yourself, study, hire a specialist and remember that sometimes all people have a magic formula that has worked for them, but it does not necessarily adapt to you, so focus on developing an optimal plan for you

  3. SELF-MOTIVATION: You must find that impulse that keeps you in time the desire to move forward, and develop MOMENTUM so that the barriers that arise along the way you can overcome in the best way. Self-motivation is a force sustained over time, it is what will allow you to overcome the inner voice that continually seeks to divert you from the target under false realities of self-protection, survival, rest, reward, or distraction.

  4. COMPETITION: To perform the tasks that you have set yourself in your transformation plan, do you have the necessary skills to perform them? Do you have the knowledge, skills, the experience to execute them? In case your answer is NO to any of the questions, simply include in your transformation plan, the time and activity necessary to acquire the knowledge that will allow you to perform the task more efficiently. Abraham Lincoln is often cited for having said: "If I had eight hours to cut down a tree, I would spend six sharpening my axe." This is what we mean by competence, with having the necessary and correct tools to execute a task efficiently.

  5. EFFORT: "Doing is better than thinking about doing", none of the above will work if you do not put your transformation plan into action; here we do not seek to find shortcuts or look for the minimum effort, what we require if you really want to make reality what you want is to execute the task, the effort is the basis to achieve the goal.

We know that it is not easy to achieve everything you want, but if you apply this five-step formula: Consistency, Management, Self-Motivation, Competence, and Effort, we are sure that nothing can stop you from completing your goal of personal transformation.


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